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"Enhancing the human form", "Being expert in the new waves of fitness", "Understanding each of our clients functional needs with a systematic approach", and "Creating a fitness studio that Meridian-Kessler residents truly deserve" are only a few ways the founder Christie Thrasher-Rudd describes Studio 49 Fitness.  With over 25 years of experience, Christie believes her 4913 Pennsylvania Street location is going to transform and inspire a healthier way of living throughout the community.  

CRT™ (Cardio Resistance Training), power plate pro 6, kettlebells, functional training, and stability balls are a few terms Meridian-Kessler residents will soon become familiar with.  Studio 49 Fitness believes they will provide a "Menu of Fitness" for all walks of life in their 2000 square foot "Urban Chic" facility.  Whether you are an elite athlete, or are simply starting a fitness program, Studio 49 Fitness will map out a customizable approach that will be results driven.  From the most intense class schedules, to creative and knowledgeable trainers, FITNESS has changed the Meridian-Kessler area.  Come EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE!!


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Christie Thrasher-Rudd


4913 Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205
(317) 600-FITT

-Group Fitness
-Personal Training
-Group Training
...all featuring our exclusive CRT.

-Power Plate Pro 6 Sessions
-Functional Movement Screenings